The initial aims of this initiative of launching, for the first time, the Somali Journal of Science, Technology and Society (SJSTS) as Online and Open Access Journal are as follows:

  1. Diffusion of all scientific and technical information and results in all field of Sciences and Technologies, with a defined approach of Responsible Research and Innovation.
  2. To provide publishing platform to Somali scientists, scholars and researchers in the Diaspora and the locals
  3. To give Somali scholars and Somali Diaspora a chance to be part of the scientific community who assists and helps others in publication and review.
  4. In the spirit of inclusiveness and sharing, SJSTS is open to receive publications from all over the world that can contribute to Somali scientific, technological and social progress and innovation
  5. To create channels for the promotion and publication of research papers about and from socially, economically, and culturally disadvantaged groups around the world.
  6. To build a network of Somali Universities, Research Institutions, scholars and researchers willing to increase the dissemination of Science, Technologies and Society, with the Responsible Research and Innovation and with the Science Diplomacy approaches.

Editorial Board

Publication Ethics