The Italy-Africa Summit in Rome on the 28 and 29 January 2024

The African and Italian leaders have set the "Italy-Africa" summit for 28 and 29 January 2024, which will be held in Rome and will focus on cooperation in the field of energy, with the aim of guaranteeing the supply of products energy of the European Union and promote the development of African countries in order to reduce migratory flows towards Europe. Italy wants to propose to the African countries a cooperative program known as the “Mattei Plan for Africa”, in reference to the founder of the Italian energy group ENI, Enrico Mattei.

"Mattei Plan for Africa" is committed to directing cooperation resources and private investments towards the priority sectors of training and education, as well as towards the creation of a network of local businesses. Furthermore, dialogue on human rights and governance is essential. These are crucial issues for creating the conditions necessary for development, the importance of which is affirmed in the United Nations Agenda 2030 and in the African Union Agenda 2063.

Doctors with Africa CUAMM

Founded in 1950 as the University College for Aspiring Missionary Doctors, Doctors with Africa CUAMM is one of the parts of the Opera San Francesco Saverio Foundation, a religious organization established by the Bishop of Padua on 6 January 1959.

The prestigious Etoile d'Or at the Marrakech International Film Festival found its home in a Moroccan film for the first time. Asmae El Moudir, the 32-year-old director, secured the coveted award for her documentary, "Kadib Abyad" (The Mother of All Lies), a unique exploration of her family's haunted past and the broader history of Morocco during the "Years of Lead" under King Hassan II. Read here.