EAEPSTI significantly contributes to the advancement of higher education by streamlining the publication process for doctorate candidates and promoting the dissemination of their research on the platform. This publication opportunity offers a global platform for showcasing their work, thereby increasing their academic reputations. Furthermore, its participation in the ERASMUS 2024-2027 program displays its dedication to enhancing academic capabilities through facilitating the movement of students and researchers between Europe and Africa. The EAEPSTI will implement measures, such as online or in-person courses or capacity-building activities, specifically designed to enhance the scientific writing and dissemination abilities of the upcoming cohort of researchers in these essential proficiencies. This fosters the establishment of a vibrant educational community, facilitating the connection between students, researchers, and educational institutions throughout Europe and Africa. The EAEPSTI promotes academic mobility by providing access to employment opportunities and doctoral scholarships, thereby enabling students and researchers to engage in creative research initiatives and explore new frontiers.

Digitalization, informatics and artificial intelligence will be developed by specific tool kits, including the publication of articles dealing with these subjects. Moreover, online course is organize to learn how to write a Research Paper' focuses on how to write an effective, clear and concise article that will appeal to a broad audience as well as attracting the attention of your peers. This project is part of the ERASMUS Capacity Building Program for the year 2024, in which the EAEPSTI is included to facilitate the publication of PhD thesis.