Research and Innovation

EAEPSTI serves as an active conduit connecting Europe and Africa, facilitating the exchange of scientific and technological knowledge in both directions. This promotion adheres to the principles of responsible research and innovation, assuring ethical and productive collaboration. Through the facilitation of collaborations among researchers, institutions, and enterprises on both continents, we foster reciprocal development and the pragmatic implementation of scientific breakthroughs. The EAEPSTI fosters innovation on both continents via the promotion of international collaboration and knowledge sharing. Researchers can participate in collaborative research projects, which enhance research networks and facilitate major advancements.

The project aims to develop a general "one health" training framework for African doctoral schools, in which human, animal and environmental health are strictly integrated. The first task of the project is to develop models including innovative genetic, molecular and bioinformatics tools for an approach adapted to the Sahelian context. This project t is part of the ERASMUS Capacity Building Program for the year 2024, in which the EAEPSTI is included to facilitate the publication of PhD. thesis.