The EAEPSTI platform serves as a connection between scientific research and its practical implementation in industries, thus fostering entrepreneurship. The platform has distinct sections that focus on providing advise regarding job prospects, PhD funding, and industrial service offerings in both Europe and Africa. This fosters a dynamic ecosystem in which researchers can investigate career prospects, young entrepreneurs can discover partners with expertise in ideas and strategies to launch or propel their startups, and enterprises can tap into a varied pool of inventions. The EAEPSTI actively promotes the practical implementation of scientific findings, establishing a crucial connection between the realm of research and the industrial sector. Companies can leverage the findings of research to cultivate novel technologies and methodologies, ultimately fostering sustainable economic expansion. The EAEPSTI platform establishes a vital link between researchers and industry stakeholders. This enables productive partnerships where corporations can gain access to creative ideas, while researchers discover opportunities to apply their expertise in practical industrial settings.

We are developing a general framework on training for African start-ups (African Startup Tool Kit). The first task of the project consists of developing a training model adapted to the Sahelian context. Once the toolkit has been developed, it will be inserted in the PhD courses of Sahelian universities, and enrolled student will be trained on in legal framework, organizational changes and resource for the creation and/or operationalization of Academic Startup Incubator. This project t is part of the ERASMUS Capacity Building Program for the year 2024, in which the EAEPSTI is included to facilitate the publication of startup model and prototypes.