The Euro-Africa Editorial Platform for Science, Technology and Innovation (EAEPSTI) is a recently launched project by PAGEPress, in partnership with the European Group of Biotechnology at the Tor Vergata Science Park and the Italian Network of the UNESCO Chairs (ReCUI). The objective of EAEPSTI is to promote the dissemination of scientific, technological, and innovative advancements between Europe and Africa through an Open Access policy. This Editorial Platform is designed for PhD students to publish their theses, for scientists to initiate the publication of articles in a peer-reviewed journal, and for scientific institution management to disseminate labor, scholarships, and industrial services.

The EAEPSTI is becoming a powerful force in connecting Europe and Africa in the important fields of education, technology transfer, scientific research, and entrepreneurship. The EAEPSTI fosters a collaborative and inventive environment by supporting the publication of doctorate students' work, promoting the two-way transfer of information, and bridging the gap between research and industry.This platform transcends being a mere compilation of scientific articles; it transforms into a genuine hub for collaboration, fostering academic advancement, the pursuit of industrial remedies, and the generation of career prospects. Our dedication to ethical and mutually advantageous partnership is evident in the effects on education, research, industry, employment, and industrial services. EAEPSTI demonstrates a dedication to achieving high academic standards, promoting responsible innovation, and establishing a sustainable connection between different continents. We firmly believe that EAEPSTI will emerge as a prominent participant in the global scientific arena, facilitating substantial progress and promoting productive communication between Europe and Africa.